Outdoor/Indoor Bulbs

The paperwhite bulbs I bought in December have done their thing, and the amaryllis my mom gave me for Christmas is blooming it’s last. With no bulbs coming along indoors I raided the garden.

These daffodils were in the way of my brick steps project, so were easy pickings. But you can stick a spade in the soil and dig up any old clump of daffodils that have started to grow in February or March, no construction-project-excuse needed.

I plunked them in a plastic nursery pot and added some potting soil. I’ve brought it inside to sit on my windowsill, where I will be able to watch them grow. I don’t know how long it will take for them to bloom – a couple of weeks, I imagine – but that isn’t really the point. It is February and I am missing the growth and change of the garden, and these little bulbs will tide me over.

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