Native Flower Posy

From one morning in May. Includes honeysuckle, wisteria, fleabane, golden alexander, mountain laurel, elderflower, yarrow, and spiderwort.

Rushing Spring

It is only late April, but this year late April looks like early May. This is one day in…who knows. … More

Spring Break

It is Noah’s Spring Break, which means he is playing baseball and I am building stuff in the backyard. A … More

Chop and Drop

I’m resolving to clean up less. I didn’t realize that my fall and spring clean ups of my garden were … More

In Sight

Spring feels like it is in sight even though our biggest snows tend to come in March. This winter has … More


If you plant it, they will come.

All Fall Down

We had a serious downpour the other night, and everything that was tall and straight has gone horizontal. We have … More