Plant Lists

I am a haphazard record keeper, and I am more likely to identify a plant as “granny’s evening primrose” than as Oenothera biennis. Still, it can be helpful to know what you are looking at. So here is a selection of the plants that I grow.

Early Spring (March – April)

Clematis Montana
Epimedium grandiflora
Viburnam carlesii
Daffodil Thalia
Crab apple Hewes
Tulip Sarah Raven

Late Spring (May-mid June)

Baptisia Lemon Meringue

Geranium cantabrigiense Kalmia latifolia “Little Linda” Lonicera “Dropmore Scarlet” Baptisia “Blue Indigo” Thalictrim “Black Stockings” Penstamon digitalis Acanthus “Whitewater” Achillea millefolium “Little Moonshine” and “Strawberry Seduction”

Viburnum “Blue Muffin” Cotinus “Winecraft Gold” Verbena “Homestead Purple” Verbena bonariensis

Summer (Late June – August)

Red raspberry “Caroline” Blackberry “Chester” Grape “Reliance” Caryopteris “Longwood Blue” Clematis “Jackmanii” Lonicera “Major Wheeler”

Late Summer and Fall