In Sight

Spring feels like it is in sight even though our biggest snows tend to come in March. This winter has been so mild it has been hard to keep myself from actively gardening in winter. I did plant some American Pillar Arborvitae a few weeks ago, hoping they would get a head start on summer scorch. That was the logic. In reality I just wanted to play in the dirt.

Today I staked out more garden take over – garden bed gobbling up what little lawn we have left.

The idea is to have a symmetrical cross shape at the center of the back yard, with the long path (also known as the pitching lane) running parallel to the house, and the brick steps leading up the perpendicular cross.

I feel a little guilty taking more lawn, where we still occasionally play a wacky family baseball-like game with a plastic bat and balls made of duct tape. Probably not guilty enough to keep me from the land grab, though.

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