Garden Tour

It’s garden tour day! My garden is on the Laurel Historical Society’s garden tour. It feels a little like my wedding day, when I had great plans to do my hair and makeup like a proper bride, but ended up walking down the aisle with frizzy hair and lipgloss, because in the end I that is who I am. Today my garden has frizzy hair, because that is who it is.

If you visit today, this is what you will see blooming:

Lavender hedge. You can walk right through – the bees are too busy to bother you.
Day lilies. This is the first week they’ve bloomed!
Yarrow. A native plant, I use it all throughout the garden to fill gaps and provide blooms.
Pears. Both green and red fruits are pears. This technique of training trees is called espalier.
Daisy (leucanthemum maximum)
Hydrangea “Blue Billow”. There are multiple other blue/pink hydrangeas throughout the garden. They are all offspring of this plant.
Penstamon Beardtongue (native)
Verbena bonariensis
Native hydrangea (just one plant for now – I’ll make more by layering)
Trumpet Vine (native)
Purple hyacinth bean

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