Looking Ahead

Summer is well and truly over. It isn’t so much that it is cold or even brisk, but that the plants are slowly turning off their lights and going to sleep.

I am not naturally a planner in the garden, but since I do indeed want a better garden and I don’t have a whole lot of cash to throw at it, I am resolving to plan.

That means making more plants from the plants I have. My usual method is splitting plants and replanting them immediately. But I am trying to be a more tender propagator and so I have tried potting up small divisions to let them grow a bigger root system before making them fend for themselves in the garden.

Divisions of anemone and cuttings of cross vine, clematis, rosemary, and lavender

In my hope and ambition for tending to these babies over the coming months I’ve fixed up what the garden books call my “utility area” and I desperately wish was a potting shed. Hopefully it looks more crafty eco-friendly recycling, rather than junk heap. Maybe the pallet fence is a pallet too far?

Fence to block view of tools and junk

The potting bench is actually a cedar chest I made in a woodworking class twenty five years ago. It is beginning to show its age (aren’t we all?) and I thought it might enjoy its last act in the garden. I might like that, too, when my time comes.

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