A Cold Spring

Has there been a spring this slow to warm? If so I don’t remember it. Easter has come and gone and just now are the creeping phlox and bleeding hearts blooming alongside the grape hyacinths.

In late winter we had a fast moving windstorm blow through that took roofs off houses. Thankfully all I lost was a rickety little arch over the front walk where I started a honeysuckle a couple of years ago. The plant survived the wind and the splintering of its support, and so I rewarded it with a nice new sturdy arch.

The back garden is less interesting in early spring, but the service berry I planted a year and a half ago is about to bloom. I bought the tree on the night of the election, from a woman who told me she voted for Trump because her business was doing so badly. I felt some sympathy for her that day, but less so now. Still, the tree is beautiful.

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