An old friend

What does it say when a garden blogger hasn’t blogged in six months?  Nothing good about the garden, I can tell you. It seems the summer and fall passed without much impact on my gardening mind. Oh, I got out there every once in a while, I dug, I harvested, I moved some plants around. But mostly, this year, I just didn’t. Part of that was getting myself into so many gardens that I couldn’t care enough about any of them. My home garden, the church farm, my community garden plot…all weedy, all ferrel, all neglected.

But late this afternoon, looking out the window at the bird feeder and thinking that I didn’t want to do one more thing that had anything to do with the care and feeding of my family or job, my garden whispered in my ear: I’m still here, you neglectful dolt, it said. It surprised me, like an old friend calling out of the blue.

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