Noble Otis

It was 65 degrees yesterday, and after a half hour of puttering in the garden I decided to just…sit.  It is a rare thing, this lounging in the garden, especially in January.  My new favorite spot in the garden is this tucked away corner between the fig tree and the gate spread with wood chips.  My chair is there, and there is a high solid fence on two sides and the house on the third, leaving you feeling very snug and secure and able to look out at the hubub of the rest of the garden and the neighbors beyond without feeling drawn into it all. Plus it is warm and sheltered in the winter and shady in the summer.

The hubub of the garden
Milo and the dormant fig

The dogs joined me in my private spot, of course, because they can’t stand to be where the people are not.  So Otis sat next to me looking noble, and Milo crawled over me being a pest, and I enjoyed my half hour in the winter sun.

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