Little Surprises

Standing on the back porch yesterday I saw a flash of blue from the bed underneath the magnolia and went to pick up what I thought must be trash – I hadn’t planted anything blue there!  And I found these little treasures: tiny irises (or what look like irises?) about four inches high growing among the daffodils.  I must have planted them last fall, but I have no recollection of it.  I should forget planting things more often, because the wonder of finding these little jewels was lovely.

All sorts of things are blooming: camellias, daffodils, lenten roses (appropriate, as it is lent), and the ornamental plum outside the kitchen window.  We ate out of the garden for the first time last night – chive pesto over our fish.

The Caroline raspberries planted last spring seem to have taken off, with very vigorous (and travelling) sprouts coming up throughout their bed.  I reworked the whole area on the south side of the house so that it now has boards to make it a slightly raised bed, and lined the inside edge with rosemary.  Am still mulling what to do with the inner bed – it has lilies and irises, but needs more.

My workout yesterday was hauling 6 large bags of mulch from store to car, from car to yard, and yard to beds.  My muscles are discouraged to note that the garden could use about 6 times that much mulch, but at least I am assured a consistent source of exercise.  Silver linings.

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