Following the Light

Noah went back to school on January 2nd, but I did not.  For one blessed day, the University was out but school was in, and I had an entire day to myself.  I spent it in garden construction, first making this little shelf over the kitchen sink where a few plants can sunbathe in the winter light.

For the rest of the day (or at least until my body protested loudly) I did serious heavy duty garden stuff.  I pulled out five year old weedblock that had become weedhold (infested with a rhyzomatic grass); moved rocks and stones; built raised beds out of old boards; and rolled a huge, ugly work table end over end into a less visible corner of the veggie garden.  It looks better back there, with more structure and straight lines.

The garden catalogs began to arrive yesterday, and now I am dreaming of beach plums and scupernogs…

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