Don’t Blink

I was away for a week, and my garden behaved like a teenager with an empty house, throwing a party in the beds, inviting all the undesirables in, and catching all manner of bugs.  It also (like a child one doesn’t see for a short time) grew.  And bore fruit, which is certainly a thing one hopes teens won’t do while unobserved.

Alas, there was also a death in the garden.  I was growing a Red Kuri squash on Noah’s swing set, and it was smashing.  Huge, umbrella-like leaves and teardrop shaped fruit smothering the structure, with a couple of purple hyacinth beans climbing up through the greenery in preparation for fall blooming.  In the week I was gone squash borers must have gotten to it, because when I returned it was mostly a drooping tangle of limp vines.  I didn’t cry, but I wanted to.

In other news…

The lilies bloomed!  All at once, while I was elsewhere.  Here is the bed against the house out back, full of phlox and lilies and the crab apple tree, with herbs at their feet.

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