Rose Bower (and other sundry notes)

The front porch, overhung with roses.  Or at least screened by roses – the over hanging part may take another couple of years.

These are New Dawn, which for the time being are the only roses allowed in my garden.  Early this spring I pulled out an Alba that I loved because it got sick every single year, and by July it was hideous. 

Garden goings-on:

  • Planted some nicotiana in the front garden bed.  That bed is slowly being infiltrated by the very aggressive risomatic grass out front.  May need nasty chemicals to deal with it.
  • Peas have bloomed and set fruit!  Another week or so till pea time.
  • Let the asparagus go about a week and a half ago.  It is already six feet high.
  • Full crop of strawberries is coming in.  Yum.  Not so many rotten or moldy as last year, so maybe last year’s trouble was the weather.
  • Breba crop of figs did indeed go the way of the dodo.
  • Planted a bunch of nasturtiums along the edge of the lilac bed and beneath the new fig, and they are up and growing like wildfire.
  • Dahlia seeds turned into seedlings, indeed, and they have taken hold in the garden and look to be doing fine.  Nothing like a dahlia planted from overwintered bulbs (or are they corms or roots?) but growing.  Must remember to lift the bulbs in the fall.
  • The old raspberries (the survivors of the Great Raspberry Plague of 2010) have set fruit, and we should have berries in another few weeks.  The new plants are slow.
  • CSA doesn’t start for another few weeks, and the asparagus is over.  Must think of some green things for this period next year.  Lettuce?  Spinach?  Broccoli never seems to do well for me, and it is still a couple weeks from edible, anyway.

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