First Figs, Doomed

My two fig trees – a 6-year-old Brown Turkey, and a Celeste I just planted last summer – have set fruit.  This is the so-called “breba” crop, a small first fruit set that is eclipsed by the summer/fall main crop.  I have been reading a bit about the breba crop, and from what I can find it seems to be of lower quality (acidic) than the main crop.  I wouldn’t know first hand – I have lost every singe breba crop on my older fig, year after year.  I think they must have been frost killed, but I actually think they are killed by simply cold weather, not just freezing weather.  But this year…the forecast calls for warmth in the next week and a half, and at that point we pass Laurel’s last frost date – or at least my own personal global-warming informed last frost date.  So perhaps I will taste a breba fig.  Perhaps.

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