Spring planting

There are broccoli seedlings under the cloches, and right in front of them (too fragile to see) are little leeklets.  It is a bit of an experiment to see if the cloches will indeed protect the plants enough to be useful.  Planted two patches of peas, too, along the fence on either side of the west gate. 

Things are up and growing – here are the chives, the first edible to arrive in my garden:

And lest I forget that mid March is mud season, and despite the daffodils and camellias and buds on the apple trees, it is still a very ugly time in my garden, I offer this reminder:

Early spring is so full of the small miracles, the little beauties, and I am always peering closely to see…and I don’t often look at the overall garden, which in March is such a wretched wreck.  It isn’t often that you want to miss the forest for the trees, but this is one of those times.

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