What do gardeners do in the winter?

It is September, the leaves on the fig tree are yellowing, and I’ve pulled the squash vines running rampant through the strawberry patch.  What do a garderner’s thoughts turn to in the fall?  Reading about gardening, of course, and taking stock of the growing year gone by. Rather than using my trusty black and white marble cover notebook this year, I am going to try to overcome my troglodyte nature and write on line, instead.  Using a blog has one distinct advantage I can think of: photos.  I am too lazy to take photos, upload them to a photo sharing site, then order the prints and put them in my garden book.  It just doesn’t get done.  So I will try doing what comes easiest – snapping a photo with my blackberry and emailing it to myself, then posting it when I have time.  Hopefully it will help me remember that the combination of phlox, iris, and Chinese red noodle beans was surprisingly beautiful, but that there was nothing but weeds in the patch where I thought the blueberry bush would thrive.  Hopefully, it will help me make fewer of the same mistakes over and over again.  The problem, I understand, is that the mistakes are the most fun, and so I’m likely to make them again next year, beauty be damned.

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